comercial de linux: he’s name is linux!!

His name is LINUX

Es increible la forma en que linux se desarrolla y evoluciona, captando ideas de programadores de todo el mundo, una de las ventajas del codigo abierto, y el mejor OS de la actualidad, espero que les guste,este video refleja claramente lo que es linux, su potencial de crecimiento y su gran ventaja sobre otros sistemas operativos.

I think you should see this…

It just a kind…

This is the G-cord…

He’s learning…absorbing…he’s getting smarter every day.

Homo habitus was the first to use tools.

A player that makes a team great has more value than a great player.

Losing yourself for the good of the group – that’s the teamwork.

It’s happening fast.

We’ve always watched the stars. If you look at the sky you’d see the beginning of time.

Collecting data is only the first step towards wisdom. But sharing data is the first step toward community.

There is not much glory in poetry, only achievement.

What he learns, we all learn.

What he knows, we all benefit from.

One little thing can solve an incredibly complex problem.

Everything is about timing, kid.

This is business – faster, better, cheaper – constant improvement.

So you want to fly, huh? Wind speed, thrust, it’s physics!

Plumbing – it’s all about the tools!

Does he have a name?

His name is Linux!


Una respuesta

  1. interesante y emotivo y des mi punto de vista es excelente publicidad para linux


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